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New Ideas for You 5/3

Good News at the Store:

We hope this newsletter arrives in time and intact. I am in Ann Arbor and George is up at the cottage ( Sanding and refinishing floors), doing this newsletter separated in space. We hope the floors will be beautiful; and the newsletter will arrive on time!

Welcome May! And tomorrow, Saturday, is the Button Show in Chelsea. This is a beautiful show held once a year for folks who enjoy antique buttons. It is a wonderful time to learn about the history of buttons; and you are welcome to bring along some buttons of your own you would like to know more about. It is at the Depot on Main Street from 9:30 until 4 pm.

.Have you heard of the bucket brigade? Thinking about spring cleaning, we realized that for our seniors, the cost of cleaning supplies is not included in their vouchers. It was great fun to consider what they might need as cleaning supplies, and then fill a pail and give it to them!

We are enjoying seeing you as you come in to pick up your Michigan Shop Hop Magazine (a large interesting booklet) describing the upcoming Michigan Shop Hop. It is good reading! Lots of information about the Hop and and quilt patterns created by some of our Michigan stores. And it has your passport in it.

The organizers have thoughtfully divided our state into regions. There is one grand price for one entry that has collected all the stamps from all stores.

There is another prize for visiting all the stores in a region. The prize I like best is the "I Made it Halfway) for visiting 41 of the shops.

Upcoming classes:

Carolyn will be teaching a new class on how to do the “Bullion” embroidery stitch on Wednesday, May 15th from 1 to 3:30. You must have taken one of her previous embroidery classes or crazy quilting classes or know basic embroidery stitches to take this class. Cost is $25. Please call the store to sign up and ask for the supply list.

She will also teach “Beginning Ribbon Embroidery” on Tuesday, May 21st from 1 to 3:30. You must know basic embroidery stitches to take this class. Please ask for the supply list when you sign up for this class. Cost is $25.

Next step in sewing! Children's class on Sunday May 19th from 1;30 pm until 4 30.. This is the class to begin garment sewing by creating lounge pants . Select and bring 2 1/2 yards of a fabric of your choosing. Class fee is $30.00 and includes pattern.

Nancy Jo will be showing us how to bind quilts the easy way in her “Binding Quilts” class on May 23rd from 1 to 3. Cost is only $10 and she will provide a supply list when you sign up.

The “All Michigan Shop Hop” plans are moving right along. We will have samples and kits in the store in time for the opening day of June 1st. Fabric or kits cannot be sold until June 1st – per the rules which we are learning as we go! Some stores are taking reservations for quilt kits but we did not order as much fabric as the larger stores. Some have already run out of fabric making the kits! We decided everyone should be able to buy the fabric in the store and we will be most willing to help those who want to make one of the magazine’s quilts. The Magazines are still available and we have ordered another box. The passport is in the middle of the magazine and is your key to all the shopping, fun, and sales of 82 stores!

Our Helping Hands

Not only have we been busy with the buckets - Thanks to Mary and Daryl; but we are also taking puzzles, pillowcases, and and Fidget Mats to two nursing homes this week.

As we enjoy the changes in the seasons and watch the landscapes change from winter gray to the amazing colors of spring, our folks in assisted living homes have little change in their environment. We can all look for ways to share these joys with those around us who have less access to them.

When you are in the store, do stop over at the Fidget Table and see the new samples which are here. So many ideas to add to the mat to make it interesting!

Mary's Musings

Such a puzzle! As we think about just what our shop hop customers will want to purchase - we are met with a huge puzzle... You know, we want to welcome you all in! We love the creativity and artistic style all of you have. We can't wait to listen to you and hear about your sewing, quilting journey. And we hope to interest you in, and share with you some of our ideas along the way! Can't wait to see you! Mary


“New word of the day: Coffunkle – adjective. When one is in a funk due to lack of coffee!”

“I’ve often thought that the process of aging could be slowed down if it had to go through Congress!” (George H.W. Bush)

“I am going to say sky diving is probably not for me since I just screamed when the toilet seat shifted!”

“Yesterday, my husband thought he saw a cockroach in the kitchen. He immediately took out the trash and then he sprayed everything down and cleaned thoroughly. Today I am putting the cockroach in the bathroom!”

“Today is my birthday and I decided that I am swift as a gazelle. An old one. With arthritis. Run over by a Land Rover – 8 days ago!”

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