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New Ideas for You 4/26

Good News at the Store:


It was absolutely amazing to see the variety of ideas that you came up with for the challenge fabric. We know that it was so difficult to choose as all the entries were so varied.

The Winners are:

First Prize : Annette Tolley who created the large tote bag Well done! Lots of room to carry her sewing.

Second Prize: Gretchen Otto with the shirt with the challenge fabric on collar and cuffs. Very creative use of two fabrics on the shirt.

Third Prize: Christina Milton with the well done pillow. Her choice of the different squares was very pleasing to the eye.

A wonderful job done by all – we wish that all could have had prizes! We are on the look out for next year's fabulous bolt of fabric… . You never know when and where we will find it!

The Michigan Shop Hop is beginning June 1st. What could be more wonderful than good weather to take a road trip to visit the Quilt Stores and enjoy the beautiful scenes that nature displays for you along the way! Eighty-two stores in Michigan have signed up and are opening their doors to welcome you. The ticket, which is a booklet, also has patterns and information about the stores. The book is $11.95 and is your ticket to a road trip filled with creativity.

Not only is nature busy, but we, at the store, are gathering in new fabrics. Lots of lavenders, purples, and flowers –as well as a smattering of interesting others to fill in and spice up our favorites. Not only is nature busy, but we, at the store, are gathering in new fabrics. Lots of lavenders, purples, and flowers –as well as a smattering of interesting others to fill in and spice up our favorites.

Yes, it is Scrappy weekend. We will put out the pool and fill it with many, many scraps. You know we add more every month- and you are welcome to fill a bag for $5.00. I know you can fold them or stuff them in – and the bag doesn’t have to close! We add fabrics and folks bring in their usable scraps for those of you who love to make scrappy things. Hopefully soon we will print in the newsletter a pattern a month for you to use to create a scrappy, quilty thing. You know, I never met a scrap I didn’t like ( in other words, I can’t throw them away).

Carolyn reminded me that on May 9th , at 1 :30 the Crazy Quilt Group meets. You are welcome to come. This is not a class, but a gathering of folks who like to embroider and enjoy sharing stitches as you spend the afternoon visiting. And sewing away.

We are so grateful for all of you that are signing up to help us with the “All Michigan Shop Hop”. We are also requesting any of you who have time to create samples for us – it would help so much! If you would like to help – either making samples or being a hostess during the event, please leave your name and phone number in our special book at the desk. It will be so much fun to chat with other quilters from not only around Michigan, but from all over the world. This Shop Hop runs all of June and July. Stop in to pick up your Shop Hop magazine which has your passport and all the stores listed. We are eagerly awaiting our Michigan fabric and will soon be busy making samples and kits. Unfortunately, we cannot sell any of the fabric until June 1st so you will have to wait!

Carolyn is in the process of scheduling another “Felted Heart” class and the details will be in next week’s newsletter. and you may call the store on Monday after the next newsletter arrives.. Everyone in the previous class was able to stuff their hearts with lavender and the store smelled heavenly! We have saved some for this next class.

Our Helping Hands

What a sweet week! We have received some nice fabrics for children’s clothing. Throughout the year we have focused on mostly fabrics for women’s clothing and household fabrics. We realized that it is summer time and children need cotton dresses and boys need cotton shirts. Thank you to those who have heard the need and sent in fabrics for them.

This next week I will be taking pillowcases and puzzles out to two nursing homes. I feel a bit like Santa Claus – bring something pretty and new for the residents and also some puzzles to help them while away the time. Thank you so much!

As always, I am always looking for band instruments for my grandson and his inter city junior high band. They expect to increase the size of the school by 150 students as the area is building up so rapidly. They are in the last stages of getting ready for their musical – Matilda -- the first week of May. I wish I could be there – there is nothing like the excitement that comes for students having an opportunity to put on a performance. A forever memory!

Mary's Musings

Since my fall and the necessity of a “timeout” from my usual life, I have been acutely aware of just how much larger Ann Arbor is becoming. I love my drive out to the store through the country side. as I am a country girl! Now I am seeing what looks like a new traffic signal being put up on the road I travel. This is in the middle of farm lands with the cross road being dirt.

With a smile I conjecture that the traffic light must be for the ducks or the deer that I frequently see. Then suddenly there is a massive construction site in a farm field adjacent to the new light. I am sure several hundred homes are being constructed there.

This week I also read of another farm across the road which is also going to become another subdivision. I remember how my grandparents used to talk about how their world was changing (as they talked about horse and buggy days etc). Now I am feeling the awe of so many folks coming to live here. And who could blame them? What is there not to like about Michigan. We will welcome them as they work to build their lives here. Mary


“The lady in the commercial for the Life Alert necklace said she fell. Laid there for 8 hours till her friend came. My question: why didn’t the cameraman help her up?”

“We should be able to call in ‘healthy’, not sick. “Look, I’m not coming into the office today. I feel really good and I don’t want to waste it on being at work!”

“Last night, my neighbor came home drunk and banged on his own door for over 5 minutes. Problem is, he lives alone, so I went outside and told him he wasn’t there and he finally left!”

“Wise Words: “The Repository for Textile Accumulation and Investment” sounds much more impressive than “fabric stash!”

“I fell down while putting on my underwear – in case you were wondering how my day was going!”


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