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New Ideas for You 4/5

Updated: Apr 27

Good News at the Store:

Welcome to beautiful April with the promise of spring popping out from the winter skeleton of nature we have lived with so long! This is the time of the year to appreciate the many different colors and designs that nature puts before us. Do take time to walk around your homes and appreciate the many signs of nature waking up – the crocus, Dutch iris, and daffodils all welcoming spring!

It was just wonderful to be back at the store for Wednesday class and sewing! I am picking up my Monday Help class (you can come in and bring your sewing too). We are also back for the Wednesday “Let’s Get Started Quilting” with using any 3-yard quilt pattern. We have a lovely group of women sewing and they will welcome you!


This is the first in a series of the why and how of needles. Below is a chart of the terms that are used to describe sewing machine needles. You might have wondered just which sewing machine needle to use when you are doing the amazing things that are now available to be done on sewing machines.

KIDS SEW CLASSES April 21, May 5, and May 19th

Time: Sundays 1:30 to 4:30 (Based on experience, Sundays appear to be a generally available time for kids to attend.)

This is the next step for learning how to sew for kids 7 – 14 years old. Some prior experience sewing with a sewing machine is preferred.

April 21st Class: Making a pair of lounge pants/pajama bottoms. The pattern is simple – a few seams, cuff, and a drawstring waist.

May 5th Class: Making a zippered bag to hold essential items when traveling or going to sleepovers with friends.

May 19th Class: Sewers Choice: We will discuss with each student what they would like to sew. Since this will be with students who have had previous classes, the opportunity to choose their own project is important. We also will have several ideas available.

The cost for each class (excludes the cost of the pattern and material for the pants) is $25. Class is limited to 8 students per class.

Carolyn’s “Felted Heart” class is filled and we starting a wait list for another one. If you are interested, please call the store.

The first batch of the “All Michigan Shop Hop” magazines will be here by Tuesday next week. Anyone who ordered theirs before March 22nd should be able to pick them up. We are still taking reservations. The magazine costs $11.95 and includes your passport and lots of patterns, ideas and specials. Every store in the Shop Hop (now 82!) will have their own samples and specials. We are eagerly awaiting the Michigan fabric that we have ordered and already have lots of ideas on how to use it.

FIDGET SISTERS will meet in April – third Monday afternoon. We would love to welcome you to see and perhaps help us in meeting the needs for folks with dementia. Our group creates “activity mats" which have things for folks to do. Some folks need a mat with different textures to rub – very soothing - or have zippers to pull, or cloth doors to open. So many ideas which can comfort “busy” hands of the elderly! If you need supplies before that do come in and we will help you gather some from our supplies bins.

Our Helping Hands

We are so grateful for all your donations! Your care and help for so many folks is simply beautiful. Yesterday we received lots of materials for Fidget Mats from a wonderful sewing group. Thank you! We are so grateful for all the supplies as the need for the mats is so great. If you would like to come and see what Fidget Mats are all about; please come and join the group on the third Monday of the month. (April 15th at 1 pm.) So many of us have friends or relatives who have some form of dementia. These mats encourage them to keep their hands busy – just like we have always done in our younger years.

I know we have said 'no sewing machines in cabinets', but have a request for one now. Does anyone have one they would like to give away? I am hoping we can find one for her. You know, we love to have women sewing! It contributes both to their family as well as nurturing their creativity. Just call the store or bring it in.

Mary's Musings

You know, I have been relegated to spending most of my day in a lazy boy chair in my living room. Recovering from a fall. I have been strangely comforted looking at the pieces of furniture which we have inherited from our families.

I do not know their full history – but the bookcase with leaded glass windows was made by George’s grandfather in the 1910's. His wife had taken their daughters to Florida because doctors had predicted that the youngest would never survive the harsh Michigan winter. She found a job as a farm cook, while he built the book case as he waited and prayed for his family (and worked through the winter) back in Detroit.

The other piece is a secretary that was hand made in the middle 1800’s for my great-grandfather who settled a tract of land near Lansing. I found myself wondering just what their lives were like.

The grandfather who made the bookcase leaded the windows himself. And included a tulip in each door– as they immigrated from the Netherlands He had first emigrated here selling tulip bulbs.

As I looked thru the New York Times magazine and saw all the displays of rooms; I was taken aback by their emptiness - Empty of warmth, color and soft touches. – I can’t believe one could live through a New York winter with only gray, black, and white. We quilters love color, design, and receive so much joy from them.

I also find it interesting to look around the rooms of the people who are zooming from their homes on newscasts. Some do like color; some of them seem to enjoy the emptiness of color and design. Sort of like the news they cover. Mary

Tee Hees...

“Why is everyone so against sugar? Who stood by you when things went wrong in your life? Who comforted you? It wasn’t broccoli, that’s for sure!”

“Got a call from a telemarketer just a minute ago and she said she couldn’t understand me. So I told her to press 1 for Southern!”

“An old man is driving when he gets a frantic call from his wife. “Bernard, please be careful. I just heard on the news that there is a crazy driver on Route 80 driving the wrong way!” Bernard replies, “Honey, I hate to break it to you, but it’s even worse than what they’re reporting. I’m on Route 80 and, let me tell you, they’re all driving the wrong way!”

“Coffee in spring is like a warm hug that says, “You survived winter, now let’s tackle allergy season together!”

“Apparently this dude at the mall was just tying his shoe and did NOT want to play leap frog. My bad, dude, my bad!”


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