Community Involvement
at The Quilting Season

Pillowcase Days 

We are a hub for creating and donating pillowcases to the children's unit at Mott Children's Hospital. You can join us in the store every 3rd Thursday of the month for pillowcase day at the store from 11-3:00. Can't make it on Thursdays? You can come into the store and grab a pre-made pillowcase kit for free; just finish and drop it off at the store when done! You can even make a pillowcase on your own and drop it off. We are currently over 16,000 donated cases!​

Overseer/Contact Person: Cathy Boron


Preemie Quilts

We are accepting donations of preemie quilts for the Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. They are so appreciative of the quilts. They are used to cover the crib to give the baby some darker, quieter time, as the nursery is so busy 24 hours a day. You are welcome to pick up kits to do at home.


Please be sure to follow these guidelines:

     * Use 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread.
     * Size: approximately 36" x 40"
     * Use an orphaned quilt block or experiment with scraps, or we have ready-made kits at the store.

     * Don't worry about it being perfect! The babies won't care.
     * Wash it without fabric softener.
     * Put into a plastic bag to keep clean.
     * Deliver to The Quilting Season.

Contact Person/ Overseer: Audrey


Doll Days 

We get together the first Friday of every month from 1-4 pm to sew dolls for the children at Mott's Hospital. These dolls are used by the staff to explain what's happening. They are plain-faced, to allow the child to draw their face on, and they are dressed in scrubs. You are welcome to pick up kits to do at home.​

Contact Person/Overseer: Mary Hogan


Turtle Days

Turtle Days are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Together with Joel, a child specialist at Mott's Children's Hospital, we have created a turtle doll for the families of terminally ill children. The turtle's shell is removable with a zippered pouch. The family can stuff the pouch with things to be buried with the child, but can keep the turtle's shell. The family thus keeps a piece of their child. You are welcome to pick up kits to do at home.

Contact Person/Overseer: Carol R.